Our Business History

We have been a  Professional online Shop in Malta since 2008 selling all type of Hobbies & RC products. We started our business in 1998 selling Computers,  accessories, Networking Installations, and related peripherals. Our Company was than called Supertronic Systems.

Along the years we slowly diversified our business selling of Model items, and than renamed our Company  to Super Hobby Store. Our Model Train Brands are Hornby, Lima. Rivarossi, Arnold, Jouef, together with other well-known Model Train Brands,  Scalextric, parts & accessories and more. Our RC models Brands are mainly from Ripmax UK, CEN Racing, DHK RC Trucks CML We have been in the business for well over 17 years, so please buy with confidence and any issues you may have, we will do our very best to solve them, and keep you the buyer happy, and pleased with our service.

Hornby – Short History
Hornby is a household name and is famous as the UK brand leader in the model railway hobby.  The company’s founder was Frank Hornby (1863 – 1936) who applied for a patent in 1901 to protect an invention he called ‘Improvements in Toy or Educational Devices for Children and Young People’.  Nobody then could have imagined how this product would have influenced the model railway hobby that we know today. Frank Hornby was granted his patent and soon put the invention into production under the name ‘Mechanics Made Easy’.  This led to the establishment of Meccano Ltd in 1907.  Such was the success of the Company, Frank Hornby had to regularly move his factory to new and larger premises. Meccano was to become one of the classic toys of all time. Hornby has now gone further than that, Hornby have also bought many other Brands which can be looked at on the Hornby Website.

This is the Atlantic Challenger II by Graupner RC Boat. This was built from Kit form, and unfortunately our shop was broken into and was stolen before we had the chance to sell it. This was a great project and hope to find more photos under construction.

Hornby Digital
The future of Model Railway is here, with the latest and best Hornby Digital Command Control System. The new Hornby system differs from the conventional type of 12v controllers in as much that it is the individual locomotives that are controlled internally rather than the controlling of a locomotives speed and direction by varying current to the track. The Hornby ‘Select’ and Hornby ‘Elite’ digital units when connected to the track pass not only a constant 15v AC along the rails, but also information signals to all locomotives that are on or are connected to the track. Each locomotive that is DC controlled must have fitted internally a small DCC Micro Processor based receiver called a Decoder. This Decoder is capable of “listening” for information or messages which refer to the locomotive that the decoder is fitted to. For more information and specifications, you are welcome to contact us about any product we sell. You can also view our company policies which are linked at the foot of this page.

We stock many other products such as RC Planes, RC Trucks and many accessories and spare parts.

Should you wish to ask anything questions, please feel free to do so. We normally answer within one or two working days.  Thank you for looking in, and hope that you may like something for you to buy.

Keep safe. The Super Hobby Team